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Children Treatments


Tooth care and a good oral hygiene regime should start when teeth first form in the mouth. This can be as early as five months old. This is because teeth are prone to infections by oral bacteria as soon as they erupt into the mouth.

Prevention of dental disease is the key to better oral health and a mouth free of fillings and disease.

A good oral hygiene regime needs to start when an individual is a child as this becomes a routine for life and leads to better dental health of the adult.

Our children clients are educated on dental disease and how having a good oral hygiene regime prevents disease and the trauma of having a restoration on a tooth as a result of poor diet and poor or substandard dental hygiene.

The children are instructed in the correct tooth brushing technique for both Electric and manual toothbrushes and in older children flossing procedures are demonstrated.

Permanent teeth are protected from decay by fissure sealant procedures carried out early on newly erupted teeth.

Fissure sealants are protective coatings placed on the eating (occlusal) surfaces of teeth.

Children who have fissure sealants placed when young grow into adulthood without the need for any fillings.

A maintenance regime of regular dental examinations and dental hygiene sessions are highly recommended in children to continually monitor, educate and improve on dietary habits and oral hygiene.

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