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Dental Implants

A tooth can be missing from the jaw for a number of reasons. The tooth may be decayed beyond preservation and therefore unrestorable. It is then electively removed. In such cases the tooth may be broken down and if not extracted, it can eventually be rejected by the tissues of the mouth.

Other losses may be due to a fractured root and therefore the symptoms may not resolve.

Accidental loss of teeth may occur as a result of trauma due to contact sports or bodily contact in other ways.

An inherited absent tooth may also be the case.

An implant is a single unit that replaces a missing tooth or teeth by placing a rod-like structure composed of titanium into bone and externally, a crown is created and made

Once fitted, the implant can be used to support a crown, bridge or denture, resulting in the implant resembling a tooth or teeth..

Implants are easy to care for and clean, but their long term survival depends on the oral hygiene regime that is maintained.

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