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Missing teeth create spaces in the mouth that can appear unsightly or prevent eating normally as teeth that are present may not have opposing teeth to aid the chewing of food. This in turn can lead to a poor diet and poor nutritional intake, and thereby have an impact on the general health of the body.

Missing teeth also affect the aesthetics of the face. Missing teeth can be replaced in a number of ways.

Dentures are plastic teeth placed on a plastic plate to create a natural appearance of teeth and gums. The dentures can also be made of metal plate with plastic teeth. This latter plate is made from chrome/cobalt.

The treatment for the provision of dentures involves the taking of impressions of both upper and lower jaws and after a series of visits, it is possible to determine where the plastic teeth are to be placed on the plate. Once the appearance and correct ‘bite’ is finalised, the dentures are then constructed.

Today, dentures are so life-like in appearance that it is not possible to tell that they are not natural teeth however they provide a good basis for eating a healthy diet and therefore leading to a healthy body overall. Facial aesthetics are improved and give the owner a reason to smile.

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