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Good nutrition is important and gives a healthy body. Whole food nutrition as is JuicePlus counteracts free radicals in the body by the effect of anti-oxidants. In Dental health the anti-oxidants are shown to improve immunity and reduce inflammation such as that in gum disease.

You can also view videos on YouTube The Beauty of Juice Plus+® to see What Mitra Ray, Ph.D. has to say about Juice Plus+® and your skin and also The Smile of Juice Plus+® to see What Frank Eggleston, D.D.S. has to say about Juice Plus+® and your dental health.

To learn more about JuicePlus please click on JuicePlus @ Smile A Moment , look at the "The Experts" section of JuicePlus and to order visit the Store section.

To view and join Jump Start Fat Loss Programme click here.

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