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Tooth Stain Removal

Xtreme Kleen - Tooth Stain Removal

Stains from tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, betal nut as well as plaque can be removed of the surface and in between teeth using a quick, powerful and effective water jet mixed with air and powder.

This process takes about 15-20 minutes, and is painless.

It is highly recommended for heavily stained teeth or prior to tooth whitening. Your dentist at Smile A Moment Studio will advise you if your teeth are heavily stained and if you require additional stain removal.

Airflow - Xtreme Kleen Tooth Stain Removal session can be booked separately or with a Dental Hygiene session. If booked separately it is priced at £55 and if taken with a Dental Hygiene Session it costs £50.

It is highly recommended to have the airflow, extra tooth stain removal with a hygiene session or prior tooth whitening.

Please see our Hygiene Treatments page for more information on Dental Hygiene Treatments and related special packages or Tooth Whitening with special packages which include Xtreme Kleen Tooth Stain Removal as options, alternatively contact us if you have any questions.


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