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Tooth Whitening


Tooth colour is inherited, in a similar way to hair and eye colour. This colour changes with advancing age. Teeth can also be discoloured by dietary products and foods such as tea, coffee, red wine, spiced foods and smoking. Some medications can also cause tooth discoloration. Tooth whitening is a procedure that can be carried out safely by a dentist to give you a cosmetically enhanced smile.


whiteHome Whitening
For the conventional and popular whitening process of taking custom made trays to use at home. This process allows the procedure to be carried out in the comfort of your home. The dentist makes special trays that are specific to an individual’s mouth and fit like sports shields. A small amount of whitening gel is placed into the trays which are worn overnight only over a period of about two weeks. The outcome is a whiter, brighter smile. This is the most effective way of tooth whitening and the changes in tooth colour are noticeable in a few days. The process can be repeated several months later as necessary with the trays being worn only for a couple of days to enhance and re-create that smile moment…


Whitening on the GO
For the busy professional, this is ideal. It is quick and convenient. whitening on the go is suitable for the busy person as it requires a short assessment visit and preformed trays containing the whitening gels are given to take away immediately.

The trays can be used at home, in the office, or en-route to another destination, at your convenience. No syringes or application tubes, No mess. The trays can be worn for as little 30 minutes to get the desired effect. This whitening can be performed for up to a period of 10 days.



Whitening Combo
No time?
Whitening before a wedding or special occasion?
Last minute thought?

This is for you... An hour whitening in the surgery to give your tooth colour a boost to whiter teeth, with power whitening. This initial whitening is complimented with a maintenance kit for the enhancement and stability of the whitening process. No tubes, No syringes, easy to use whitening trays to take home. For as little as 30 minutes for a few days, your teeth are beautifully whitening to a get maximum results.

Please check the Special Offers page for any additional tooth whitening special offers.

Whitening Special Offer

Professional Tooth Whitening £345 only
add Dental Hygiene Session
£395 ONLY
Valid in May-June-July 2014 only

Whitening Combo Offer

Professional Tooth Whitening
+ Full Dental Hygiene Session
& Xteme Kleen £445
Valid in May-June-July 2014 only

Here are some Before & After pictures of some of our customers who whitened their teeth.

Dental Hygiene and Tooth Stain Removal are recommended for heavily stained teeth or prior to tooth whitening. Please see our Tooth Stain Removal page for more details on Airflow - Xtreme Kleen and our Dental Hygiene page for more details on Dental Hygiene. Please contact us for more details or if you have any questions about any of the whitening processes.
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